Terms and Conditions


Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD respects the privacy of each Customer. Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD has established this Terms and Conditions to explain how Data is collected by Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD, and how this Data is used and disclosed. Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD takes the protection of Personal Information very seriously. Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD may process Personal Information only as described in this Privacy Policy.

Definitions and Interpretation

Words defined or assigned a meaning in the Agreement will have that meaning in this Terms and Conditions, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise. For purposes of this Privacy Policy: “Data” means any data (including Personal Information) provided to Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD by a Customer and Service Provider (Pathology Lab, Radiology center); and “Personal Information” means any Data or information about an identifiable Customer, including an email address.

Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD is engaged in the business of providing booking of diagnostic tests and health packages through a network of diagnostic centres (service provider) that Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD has tied up with. Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD will also provide data repository services to hold customer data and test records on its portal. These services are provided through Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD website, phone and mobile app. The use of these services is subject to the terms and conditions written below. The use of Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD services through any medium will automatically mean that the user has agreed to the terms written here.

The services provided by Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD are software services of aggregation and booking through our technology backbone. We are not providing any medical assessment or advice whatsoever.

Only individuals above the age of 18 are allowed to use our services. The users are responsible for protecting the confidentiality of their username, password and booking details.

By using our services, it is understood that the users have agreed that Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD may contact them with SMS, emails, phone calls or any other means that Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD may deem fit. A user may at any time call us to take this privilege away. When users are booking the services of other service providers through Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD, the other service providers will also have the right to contact the user through email, SMS or phone.

Intercept and Monitor

Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD may intercept, monitor, block, filter, read, delete, and disclose any communication over its information system.

Passing of Risk: In the case of Home sample collection

When samples are transported to the lab, the risk (of accidental loss, destruction or deterioration) (the “Risk”) shall pass to the testing lab as soon as we have delivered the samples to the lab.

Errors in Report:

Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD does not take any responsibility for the accuracy and quality of the service provided by the service provider registered / tied up with us. Though Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD takes all precautions to ensure that only high quality diagnostic labs are allowed to tie-up with us, Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD is not qualified to give quality assessment of diagnostic services or any medical advice. We are merely an intermediary that is acting on good faith. Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD is not liable for any medical assessment based on the reports of diagnostic tests booked through us at our service provider diagnostic center.

Delivery Dates

Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD will try to ensure that the diagnostic service provider where a booking has been done through us, adheres to the timelines and the other promised services including for home collection, center visit and providing test report. However, as these are outside of Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD control in many cases, and the liability lies with the service provider only.

In case, a service provider / diagnostic center do not provide the promised services partially or fully, Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD’s liability is limited to the amount collected from the user for such services.


All the content included in this website, is the property of Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD. The content posted by users on Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD will become the property of Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD and the users grant us the right to use the content as we may deem fit.

The users agree to not post any objectionable content on our website and to treat our employees with dignity. Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD has the right to terminate any service or to bar any user without any clarification whatsoever.

Applicable Law and Judicial Forum:

The terms of use of Varsani Electric Co. (U) LTD services are governed by the laws of the Republic of India.

The judicial forum for both parties, including for bill of contract matters, is our principal place of business (registered office). If we become the plaintiff in litigation, then we are also entitled to bring an action in the jurisdiction of the Customer’s principal place of business (registered office).